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Linger on, your pale blue eyes. [05 Nov 2009|07:43pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Cicada Mag put my poem up on the Slam. They said it was "so spare, yet so lovely".



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Stephanie says [01 Nov 2009|09:46pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]


okay so there's the worst month of my life coming up, but so what?

Books, music, WEEKENDS without stupid essays!

I'll be able to visit the two exhibits I've been dying to see since sept/oct.

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Who is this Shakespeare fellow? [06 Jul 2009|01:04am]
[ mood | touched ]

I am scraped and Plutarch is boring.

I just finished watching The Merchant of Venice.
In such a night,
Did Jessica steal from the wealthy Jew,
And with an unthrift love did run from Venice,
As far as Belmont.

In such a night,
Did young Lorenzo swear he lov'd her well;
Stealing her soul with many vows of faith,
And ne'er a true one.

I love them... But Jessica looked so morose.

and I really want to read Antony and Cleopatra. However, seeing as I have thirty-some odd books (still virgins), I won't.

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Everybody's so inviting [21 Jun 2009|09:17pm]
[ mood | pleased ]


My poem is up on the SLAM :D I've been trying for months and have sent in at least four poems and... nothing.
But they chose mine this time!


Check it out. It's not gold or anything I'm just glad they saw something in it...

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[10 Jun 2009|06:21pm]
[ mood | bored ]

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